Welcome to the Rawk3 Beta!

The RawkSD 3.0 beta is now open to everyone as of v3.0b4!
See the in-progress Usage Guide for instructions.


December 20 2010: RawkSD 3.0b4
October 24 - November 2 2010: RawkSD 3.0b3.5
July 26 2010: RawkSD 3.0b2
July 24 2010: RawkSD 3.0b1


You may simply copy your DLC from an existing SD card(s) to an SDHC card or USB drive to start using it with RawkSD. Don't forget to set your default DLC device in the options menu the first time you run it!

RawkSD PC has been completely changed since version 2.0. If you want to import any of your old songs, use the Open Folder feature on your customs/ folder, then install any songs that you want to transfer locally (it now defaults to storing 3.0 songs in the songs/ folder). However, we strongly suggest that you re-import all of your discs rather than getting them from RawkSD 2.0. Many changes have been made to the import process; you will not have to do this again. (Unlike RawkSD 2.0 which converted all charts into Rock Band 2 format upon import, RawkSD 3.0 converts them when installing to SD. This means that you can get chart updates in future versions without re-importing anything. Unfortunately it also means that you will need to re-import everything initially into RawkSD 3.0)

Bugs and Feature Requests

Make use of the RawkSD 3.0 Bugs page to report bugs or make feature requests. Also, please use that page to confirm/deny fixes under the Fixed heading.

RiiFS DLC Wifi Streaming

Wifi streaming is a new feature of RawkSD 3.0; RawkSD PC will automatically connect to RawkSD Wii wirelessly, and stream all files in the rawksd/ folder to the Wii. You may copy your existing DLC to that folder to make use of this feature, or use RawkSD PC to install some custom songs or imports into it. Note that while it defaults to rawksd/, whichever folder you open in RawkSD PC as the SD Card will be what is served to RawkSD Wii for DLC.

RiiFS is a great way to test out customs; you can re-install a song as many times as you like while testing without restarting the game! You can even install entirely new songs and refresh the song list in-game. To do this, you must refresh the list from the main Rock Band 2 menu: Options -> Manage Data -> Load. It's only needed when adding or removing songs - making changes to a song and re-installing it takes effect immediately.


Don't forget that RawkSD 3.0 now has custom leaderboards for all songs! You can visit the RawkSD Leaderboards to keep up to date with everyone's scores.

Rock Band 1 Lipsync

If you open Lego Rock Band in RawkSD PC after having opened (or locally installed) Rock Band 1, lipsync data will be automatically imported into Rock Band 1. You can confirm that this has worked once you see album art for the non-cover Rock Band 1 songs in your song list. Note that the lipsync won't be applied to Rock Band 1 songs that may already be installed on the SD card.